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For Immediate Release
March 7, 2017

Austin man says he can do better than “A Day Without a Woman”

Vowing to surpass “A Day Without a Woman” by a wide margin, one Austin man says he can push that limit to almost three days.

His pronouncement precedes a world-wide movement for “A Day Without a Woman” event on March 8, a day on which many women have vowed not to work, or shop, and will wear red in a show of force to continue the successful January women’s marches protesting Donald Trump’s inauguration.

“This needs to be something that’s more than a day,” explained Rob D’Amico, who describes him self as a self-made Renaissance man, but without any particular skill that is notable on its own. “After all, there’s times when your chick has the flu and you simply use a mobile app to send her some soup, or you don’t want to go to an office party with her, so you craft a white lie about stomach problems, sports finals when you get tired of explaining the rules…lots of one-day occasions you just don’t want a woman for a day for.”

But D’Amico—who said he wants to stand in solidarity with the challenges women face in a women-dominated world—said he’s intent on going a lot further. “I’m thinking 71 hours and 50 minutes,” he said. Why the uneven time limit? “I’m also thinking three days would be pushing it,” he added.

D’Amico also stressed that his “sabbatique de femmes,” as he described it after a Google search, will be good practice for a follow-up he plans to promote for another Million Man March. “I don’t quite remember when that was, or what it was for, and I get confused about that and the Promise Keepers and all that,” he said. “But I’m thinking ‘A Day Without a Beer’ would be the most meaningful statement we could make as men. We’ll wear gray and will vow not to make any fires, barbecue included. Doesn’t even have to take aim at any particular purpose or issue. Sometimes suffering is enough.”

When pressed on the issue of “suffering” in this particular action, D’Amico made it clear that he wasn’t some “loner that spends his evenings at vape stores shuffling through the aisles and waffling over peach versus whiskey-apple flavors.”

“Listen,” he said. “I got a woman that’s a temptress. One look from her could peel the wood off a barrel used for aging craft beer. In fact, I’m thinking of peeling a few hours, just a few, off my pledge, because she’ll likely be throwing little biscuits my way trying to throw me off my game. She’ll send me a text with something like, ‘thinking of you,’ with some little emoji fucker with its tongue out. Or worse, she’ll blitz me with a photo from her ‘A Day Without a Woman’ night out with, you guessed it—women—hanging all over each other and laughing and having a good time. I mean, I’ll be playing George Thorogood non stop and everything, but I don’t know about…Wait, does porn count as a woman?”

Asked what his plans were after the 71 hours and 50 minutes—or possibly less—D’Amico shook his head. “I don’t care what anyone says. We’re the weaker sex, so this is a real trial for me. I might need the comfort of woman. Then I’ll pop a beer and start worrying about a day without one of those. How long’s this fucker going to be president?”

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