Rob D’Amico is a writer and former communications professional living in Shafter, Texas, 40 miles south of Marfa and 18 miles north of the border at Presidio. He has two children. He enjoys dogs and swimming in creeks, sometimes with dogs.

He began his career poking at a manual typewriter at the University of Texas School of Journalism and worked at The Daily Texan there as well. After a short stint at the Beeville Bee-Picayune in South Texas, he moved on to the Bay Area and worked for several publications before returning to┬áTexas and writing for the Austin Chronicle┬áand several other publications. Of late he’s written for the Texas Observer, Texas Monthly, and Punch magazine.

D’Amico recently completed┬áWitnessed: Borderlands,┬á a true-crime investigative podcast with the team at Campside Media┬ádistributed by Sony Music Entertainment.



Mug of Rob D'Amico with dark hair, dark scrubby beard, and dark horn-rimmed glasses