Austin Satyr Salon

SatyrThe Austin Satyr Salon was a short-lived creation of mine that attempted to get together satirists for a salon each month. We’d meet at the Church of the Friendly on Pedernales Street in Eeast Auston to share our work and drink and hopefully inspire new content. Never really took off. But it get me to write (and do) a few absurd things.

John Wayne

The recent revelation that U.S. interrogators in Guantanamo Bay used a horrific video of John Wayne beheading a detainee to shock other prisoners into talking has reignited a long-standing debate over using
clips of dead movie stars for roles they never signed off on while living.

Advances in digital filmmaking in the 1990s led to the use of deceased idols, primarily for advertising. Humphrey Bogart graced Pepsi commercials, Gene Kelly danced … …

ShovelI was regularly involved in neighborhood politics and served as a steering committee member for my neighborhood association. I found the rather strict guidelines for no commercial content on the neighborhood’s Yahoo Group … …

What can I say other than I always yearned for my own surname in Old English type on my rear window. (I didn’t have a truck, but I did have a Pontiac Bonneville passed down from my late grandfather.) But “D’Amico” sounded almost Latino, so I opted for an experiment to try “Smith.” Some thought I would get killed, but it was all in good fun. Hard to gauge what reaction it got, though, since I was driving.

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Something about Gitmo. I don’t know. I just. I just found it objectionable.

At a South Austin Yard Art Party we held, I put this fellow out front, with…some fliers for an “Enemy Combatant Pen Pal Club.”

Kind of cheesy gimmick, not to mention not that laughable of a flier. But had fun finding an orange jump suit, and I got to wear … …