Quickie Pickie Holiday Staff Appreciation

If you’ve arrived at this page, you understand the value of the QP staff, even if the store itself is inadequate in many respects, e.g. the hand dryers and lack of attention to tap diversity and quantity. You’re invited to contribute to staff appreciation gift bags for the Holidays.  I will strive to include most of the items below in each bag, with any leftover money used to increase the actual cash gift. Included in the recipients will be: Amy, Kara, Shyler, Adam, Rudy, Maggie, Jenna, and David, with perhaps a gag given to Wahleed.

Last year, I undertook this task alone, but I realized that we could increase the value of each gift bag by collaboration, also without me ponying up about $250. Logical, heh? Suggested donation is $20-$30 (but anything will be appreciated), with donate button below. Each bag will include a personalized message with a list of contributors.

Gift Bag (maybe $20 total)
Ideally, I’m going to have Trevor (the artist responsible for the disgusting cup art above) craft an image printed (on labels) on the outside of the bags. Image probably will be a vomiting patron wearing a TABC shirt and carrying three sloshing beers.

Cash in an envelope (approx $200 total)
Dependent on amount raised. Last year I gave each employee got $23.16

Beef Jerky (divided into mini bags, approx $30)
A bag of beef jerky

Gift Card (approx $160)
Approximately $20 gift card (dependent on donations) to Hi Hat, a much better hangout.

Crucifix Whistle ($30 total)
Also known as the “Altar Boy’s Call for Help,” this item provides God’s protection along with a way to signal you’re being attacked.


Mary Jane Pinup Lighter (Total about $20)
For when customers lose their lighter.

Santa Muerte Death Candle (Total about $40)
Intimate moments made more intimate.



Mini Liquor Bottles (1-each, $20)
A Staff favorite.

Nipple Play Nipple Suckers (approx $50 total)
Who doesn’t enjoy a playful and persistent tug on their nipples.



DONATE (Goal: $600) You can either send a direct PayPal payment to damicoaustin@gmail.com as a friend–which avoids the small fee. Or use the button below to choose another payment method.